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Baby on vent

Prematurely born lambs kept alive in artificial external placenta – human babies could be next

When babies are born extremely prematurely – before 24 weeks of development in the womb – their lungs aren't strong enough to provide their organs with the oxygen needed to develop properly. Nor are they strong enough to handle artificial ventilation. The result can mean a brief life for these tiniest of babies. A new artificial placenta that mimics conditions in the womb being developed by researchers at the University of Michigan (UM) might provide new hope. [...]
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high-tech heart box

University of Michigan Health System tests beating heart transplants

Despite advances in organ transplantation, the way donor hearts are moved from hospital to hospital remains low-tech:  stored on ice and carried in a store-bought cooler. The University of Michigan Health System is testing a new high-tech heart box that [...]
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