Blood Management

Customized Blood Management Programs to Suit the Needs of Your Program.

Collaboration from all departments is required in order to develop an effective blood management program. It’s challenging to get all the departments at your hospital on the same page. And it’s even more difficult to gain an accurate understanding of exactly how your organization uses the blood available and how it could be using the blood more effectively.

At Keystone Perfusion Services, we have extensive experience creating custom blood management programs for hospitals.

When we develop your blood management program, we:

Review how you currently use blood and blood products

Evaluate perfusion practices and techniques

Analyze surgical techniques you use

Optimize patient iron stores prior to the operation to reduce the chances of transfusion

Facilitate the formation of a blood management committee in your hospital

Synthesize the collected data and discuss the results with all involved teams

Get the laboratory, administrative, and cardiology departments involved in the process