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Get Experienced, Certified Clinicians within 24 Hours.

When was the last time your organization experienced a staffing shortage?

Was it something you planned for? Or, did you have to call in someone else at the last minute to cover the shift?

At Keystone Perfusion Services, we can typically provide you with the experienced, certified clinicians you need for any type of shortage you’re experiencing. Whether your staff is unexpectedly ill at the last minute, you have multiple scheduled vacations in the coming weeks, or if your program is exploding with growth, we can help.

perfusion services machine

We can provide professionals to help you with any perfusion or procedure you perform, including:


Cardiopulmonary Bypass

All types of cardiac procedures

Ventricular Assistance Device

LVAD/RVAD/BIVAD Insertion and monitoring
Intra-aortic Ballon Pump (IABP)

Intra-aortic Ballon Pump (IABP)

Insertion and monitoring

Autologous Blood Return

Results in fewer patient allogenic blood transfusions

Intraoperative Blood Management

Customized Programs
prp - platelet gel service

PRP/Platelet Gel Therapy

Accelerates the healing of wounds in patients
Pediatric and adult
Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy

The professionals we provide you have up to 26 years of experience and can help you out for a temporary or long-term staffing shortage. Our skilled personnel can perform pediatric and adult ECMO services and consult.

If you would like client references, feel free to ask! At Keystone Perfusion Services, we are confident the quality of the professionals we send your way and our commitment to excellence in communication will exceed your expectations. To learn more about our team click here.

If you are in a crunch and need skilled clinicians with experience, contact us online or call us at 1-800-407-1198.