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A nationwide supplier of perfusion and autotransfusion services

Founded in 2013, Keystone Perfusion Services, P.C. is a nationwide supplier of perfusion and autotransfusion services. We are acclaimed for our ability to provide quality, reliable locum tenens perfusion services on short notice.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Keystone Perfusion Services, P.C., is to become an instant, seamless and integral part of your open-heart team by providing the highest level of care to patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

One of the many ways we strive to provide maximum care for patients is by exercising a limitation on the number of our perfusionists providing services to any hospital, a practice we have followed ardently since our inception. This gives them the opportunity to develop a high level of intimacy and familiarity with our client’s staff members and procedures, Additionally, since all communications are made directly with the company owner, we’re able to bypass any issues of middle management, thereby making the work processes efficiently dynamic, and focusing all our energies on creating optimal patient outcomes. This diligent and passionate approach allows us to build strong, lasting relationships with our client hospitals and their staff.

All of our clients have and continue to express immense satisfaction with our ability to provide quick, quality and attentive responses to their staffing needs. In addition to granting them the convenience of having highly trained personnel on hand at all times, our clients appreciate how quickly and easily KPS professionals integrate into their hospital systems. At KPS, our intention is not merely to meet your staffing needs, but to do so with the same level of responsibility and passion as your health system.

Providing Locum Tenens Perfusionists to Hospitals, Private Perfusion Groups, and Physician-Based Practices.

Get custom, comprehensive, perfusion services, ranging from single-day coverage to professionals acting as full-time members of your team. We provide you with board-certified clinicians with years of experience who know how to step right in and seamlessly function as a part of your organization.

If you need emergency locum tenens placement, we can help. You might only contact us needing short-term help, but our goal is to earn your long-term business. Or, perhaps you are fully staffed now, but do you have a contingency plan in place for staffing shortages you may experience in the future?

Your Friend in a Time of Need.

At Keystone Perfusion Services, we are a preferred provider of locum tenens placement for those difficult times when you experience an unexpected staffing shortage. Our experience and reliability ensures your hospital or practice efficiently manage staffing shortages whenever they happen.

We provide staffing solutions to help you manage:

Unanticipated Staff Shortages

They happen more often than you think, and do you have the internal processes in place to handle them? You will have to find, contact, interview, and train new staff members. We can quickly furnish skilled and certified professionals so you can focus on delivering outstanding service to your patients.

Scheduled Employee Absences

Give your employees the flexibility they need to take vacations, maternity leave and attend meetings. Our professionals will cover you so you can keep your employees happy and their productivity high.

Emergency ECMO services

If labor demand quickly skyrockets when ECMO services are needed, we have professionals standing by ready to help. These situations may increase your stress, but our services help bring it down because you know we’ll be there to help.

Coverage Map

Coverage Area

With contracts in place across PA, DE, VA, NY, NJ, CA and OH our equipment and staffing solutions are amenable to almost every institutional requirement. Our dedicated and experienced staffs are flexible and able to safely and efficiently provide perfusion services across healthcare systems seamlessly.


Keystone Perfusion is proud to be affiliated as a member of the American Staffing Association. Every member of the ASA is guided by a rigorous code of ethics. Members receive detailed, practical guidance as well as ongoing education and training in employment law.

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Keystone Perfusion offers excellent benefits, competitive salaries, continuing education reimbursement and an exciting work environment. We’re constantly seeking extraordinary clinicians with a passion for patient care to join our ever-expanding team.
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Our unique ability to provide immediate, and potent emergency perfusion coverage, bolstered by our successful track record in staffing health systems around the country makes us an enviable perfusion services partner.