Clinical Engineering

& Medical Equipment Management Solutions

Maintaining equipment to ensure it is running smoothly is the goal of keystone perfusion’s clinical engineering department. Our full-service clinical engineering team provides preventive maintenance, equipment inspections, testing, safety, and status, with a focus on equipment used in clinical areas.

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Clinical Engineering & Medical Equipment Management Services:


Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Our clinical engineering team specializes in establishing preventive maintenance schedules that meet OEM requirements so that we can keep your departments running seamlessly and efficiently. We offer a variety of coverage options that allow you to keep your equipment performing at optimal levels while meeting your fiscal requirements.

Surplus Equipment Solutions

The continual flow of surplus medical equipment can be daunting to keep up with, but Keystone Perfusion Services, PC. can take those headaches away. We are a full-service provider with a proven record of success in helping health systems recoup capital on retired/decommissioned medical equipment.

Capital Equipment Procurement

Keystone Perfusion will assist your team in capital equipment planning to ensure you have the right equipment to meet your needs. While assisting in the capital equipment planning project, we take into account service training, software upgrades, software keys, and extended warranties to give you a broader view of your medical equipment purchase.
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Our unique ability to provide immediate biomedical technician services, bolstered by our successful track record in staffing health systems around the country makes us an enviable clinical engineering partner.