Platelet Gel is a substance that is created by harvesting your body's own natural healing factors from your blood and combining it with thrombin and calcium to form a coagulum. This coagulum or "platelet gel" has an extremely wide range of clinical healing uses from dental surgery to orthopedics and plastic surgery.

Platelet Gel is 100% biocompatible and safe. It poses absolutely no infectious risk because it is made from your own blood.

Platelet Gel is a widely used and globally accepted safe, simple, and effective treatment modality for various surgical procedures and non-healing wounds.

New and emerging technologies have embraced the current use of Platelet Gel for various types of wound repair. Researchers have identified the importance of growth factors and how it dramatically influences the natural course of wound repair. These growth factors began with platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor (TGF) and the subsequent identification of many other growth factors now kn own to be important for active wound repair. Research has demonstrated that platelets contain a rich source of multiple growth factors within the alpha granules, which are secreted after activation with thrombin. Platelet counts in excess of 500K/ul suspended in plasma with a native fibrinogen concentration can lead to improved surgical hemostasis and faster wound healing.