Perfusion Services

Meet Your CPB, IABP, VAD, & ECMO Needs

Our perfusion management service provides reliable coverage 24/7/365 for all open-heart surgeries and related procedures. All KPS employees have full liability insurance coverage and are required to take continuing education courses. You will receive a fully customized solution to your perfusion service needs, as well as access to the most advanced cardiovascular technologies and resources available in the marketplace. If you would like client references, we are happy to provide them.

If you need help with any aspect of  perfusion related services at your hospital, contact Keystone Perfusion services online or by calling 1-800-407-1198.

Cardiopulmonary Bypass


Intra-aortic Ballon Pump (IABP)

iabp picture

Intraoperative Blood Management

PRP Draw



extracorporeal life support