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Autotransfusion – Eliminate the Need for Patient Blood Transfusions

Autotransfusion / Cell Saver as a Blood Management Technique in Spinal Surgery

Major spinal deformity surgeries involving long-level instrumented fusion have the potential for massive blood loss, which necessitates donor blood transfusion. Increased incidence of complications occurs in these patients when allogeneic transfusions are given. Complications include transmitted diseases such as hepatitis, cytomegalovirus infection, and human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Autotransfusion or intra-operative cell saver strategies help reduce intra-operative allogeneic blood transfusions and associated complications. The cell saver device has been widely used in all types of surgery to decrease the need for allogeneic transfusions.

In our practice, we see that Autotransfusion as a blood management technique has been applied in various spinal surgeries including deformity, tumor, and spondylitis.

See recent study regarding cell salvage cost-effectiveness:

Is cell salvage cost-effective in posterior arthrodesis for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in the public health system?

Intraoperative Cell Salvage results in a number of benefits for your patients, including:

  • Blood borne disease, incompatibility, and the potential for allergic reaction are eliminated
  • The processed blood is immediately available to the patient
  • Reduces exposure to HIV and Hepatitis B
  • Avoids any difficult with religious beliefs rejecting the use of blood transfusions
  • The immunosuppressive effects which are present with the transfusion of homologous blood, are completely avoided
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