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Ankles, Arms, Legs

1.  Enhancement of Syndesmotic Fusion Rates in Total Ankle Arthroplasty With the Use of Autologous Platelet Concentrate. Foot & Ankle International. 2005 Jun;26(6):458-61 BACKGROUND: One of the challenges of total ankle arthroplasty continues to be achieving a solid distal fusion of the tibiofibular joint. Delayed union rates of 29% to 38% and the nonunion rates of 9%…
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1. Treatment of Intrabony Defects With Bovine-Derived Xenograft Alone and in Combination With Platelet-Rich Plasma: A Randomized Clinical Trial                              Journal of Peridontology. 2004 Dec;75(12):1668-77 BACKGROUND: In the treatment of periodontal intrabony defects, the benefits of adding platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to a bone replacement grafting material have not been tested. The purpose of this study was to compare the…
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Endoscopic Surgery

1. Platelet Gel for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery TheAnnals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology. 2005 Sep;114(9):699-704 OBJECTIVES: New techniques are being utilized to improve outcomes for endoscopic sinus surgery, including newer forms of packing. Platelet gel is an innovative technique that holds many advantages, including comfort, hemostasis, and growth factors that may improve wound healing. This report discusses…
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Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

1. Platelet Gel Usage in Cosmetic Surgery William Welsh, MD Presented at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery – 16th Annual Scientific Meeting, New Technologies, January 2000, Orlando, FL Platelet gel has been obtained through a perioperative technique of differential centrifugation of autologous whole blood and applied to various wound surfaces to optimize and reduce healing…
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Chronic Wounds

1. The Use of Autologous Platelet Gel to Treat Difficult-to-Heal Wounds: A Pilot Study Transfusion, 2004 BACKGROUND: Chronic ulcers can benefit from topical treatment with growth factors (GFs). Platelet (PLT) gel provides tissue regeneration-inducing GFs. The aim of this study was to verify the effectiveness of autologous PLT gel in the treatment of nonhealing skin lesions. STUDY…
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Anti-Microbial Effects of Platelet Gel

1. Antimicrobial Peptides from Human Platelets Infection and Immunity, Dec. 2002, p. 6524–6533 Vol. 70, No. 12 Yi-Quan Tang,  Michael R. Yeaman, and Michael E. Selsted Platelets share structural and functional similarities with granulocytes known to participate in antimicrobial host defense. To evaluate the potential antimicrobial activities of platelet proteins, normal human platelets were stimulated with…
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